Donna Cryer - Biologics User and Patient Advocate
Thair Phillips - President and CEO, RetireSafe Peter Pitts - Former FDA Associate Commissioner, President, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest
Larry LaMotte - Vice President, Public Policy, Immune Deficiency Foundation
Stephen Marmaras - Manager, State and National Advocacy, GHLF
Michael Riley - Executive Director, Alliance for Safe Biologic Medicines

Lawmakers in many states are currently considering legislation that would allow pharmacists to substitute biological medications-those made by living tissues or cells-with other medications deemed "therapeutically interchangeable." A major policy issue with this legislation is whether or not physicians should be notified when such a substitution is made. Neurologist David Charles, M.D. discusses in this video.

Neurologist Dr. David Charles, Chairman of the Alliance for Patient Access, discusses Biologics: what they are, how they're used, how they benefit patients and why it's critically important that policymakers understand their impact on the future of healthcare.